Project title: Heritage Training for Young Adults - HETYA

Financing programme:Erasmus + Programme

Implementation period:  01.09.2015 – 31.08.2018

Partnership: Province of Livorno – Mediterranean Museum of Natural History (IT) – Lead Partner; Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo ltd (IT), University of Florence – Dep. Sciences of Education (IT), University College of Southeast Norway (NO), Stiftelsen Jamtli (SE), Bulgaria Economic Forum (BG)

 Project background

Some 14 million young people are not in employment, education or training (NEET) across the EU as a whole. The economic cost of not integrating NEETs is estimated at over €150 billion, or 1.2% of GDP- The project aims to strengthen networking and cooperation, enhancing public and private resources that already exist in each country involved, to improve the performance of the learning system, involving public authorities and private individuals to provide services and interventions focused on the needs of NEET young people, at local and European level. The museums, furthermore, are suitable places to trigger learning processes in young people. Spaces different from classrooms, away from the rules of academia, museums are places where it is easier to acquire skills.

 Project specific objectives:

  • Test on 80 NEETs from 4 different EU countries and validate new methods of involvement in learning through museums
  • Create a modular integrated learning path of transnational level (blended: guidance, mobility, self-employment guidance)
  • Strengthen the skills of 40 operators (educators) working in area cultural and museum heritage providing them with innovative tools and targeted to  NEETs
  • Implement operational tools to deliver and receive learning easy use,  customizable and self-updating
  • Implement through the mobility skills of active European citizenship

 Expected results:

  • Comparative Analysis on EU NEET population
  • Comparative Analysis on Museum as a learning place
  • Guidelines for adults’ educators/trainers
  • Learning modules
  • Development of blended learning path
  • Heritage Mobility Manual
  • Guidelines for NEET by idea to self-entrepreneurship 
  • 3 Multiplier event
    • Östersund, Sweden, September 2016 - “Learning at Museum: analysis to create a NEET efficient laboratory”
    • Drammen, Norway, March 2017 - “New methods to involve NEET in learning: developing blended modules”
    • Florence, Italy, June 2018 - Final Conference
  • Training events/mobilities
    • 80 young adults (NEETs) from IT, NO, SE, BG trained  - Learners will be young adults: unemployed or with no permanent work, or persons who have lost their jobs, working in the field of promotion and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage They'll be involved in a piloting integrated learning activity.
    • 40 adult educators/operators of museums from IT, NO, SE, BG trained - Universities, teachers, bearers of knowledge, study circle tutors, training agencies, individual coaches, socio-cultural operators in the socio cultural environment. They'll be involved in staff short mobility to exchange experiences and praxis.