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SEE KIT for Entrepreneurs




Being an entrepreneur is not, nor will it ever be, easy.

SEE KIT for Entrepreneurs provides you with tool kit information to accelerate your company’s success,

whether you’re in the early stages of your vision, or in full execution."




AGRO-START is pleased to introduce SEE KIT for Entrepreneurs. This document is a tool that gets together at national, regional and EU level: legislation, financial support for entrepreneurs initiatives information, contact points for entrepreneurship, business plan conditions and requirements, networks or agricultural innovation clusters, relevant statistics,   official   quality   standards, any other relevant and helpful information. The tool kit also includes links to Good Practice Guide as case study for entrepreneurs.


It is our hope that the information, policies, strategies and lessons, linked and presented here, will help and better support entrepreneurs and businesses in their own communities and further more in the region, and shed additional light on how to contribute to business growth as:


  •  Smart growth as being achieved through the competitiveness of agriculture and food industries;
  • Sustainable growth through the sustainable management of natural resources;
  • Inclusive growth through balanced territorial development of rural areas. 


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