AGRO-START :: International Conference, Bitola, Macedonia (20.11.2014)


AGRO-START International Conference

“Facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship in the

animal breeding and horticultural sector”



 Press release, 18.11.2014


Nearly 120 Business support organizations and service companies that provide assistance to SMEs in the SEE economic area, active in the horticulture and animal breeding sector, SMEs, farmers, Chambers of Commerce; Representatives of government  institution, NGOs and other public and private agencies, Consultants; Trade unions, workers’ and employers’ federations and all other relevant stakeholders will take part in the International Conference “Facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship in the animal breeding and horticultural sector”, which will take place on 20 of November 2014 at Hotel “Epinal”, Bitola. The Conference is organized by Federation of farmers in FYROM and is the International closing events of project AGROSTART.


In this event, the participants will have chance to communicate and share experience within the AGRO-STAT project, which was implemented to increase the SMEs competitiveness, promote and facilitate innovative entrepreneurship by giving answer to the need of a specific support Service for SMEs in the horticulture and animal breeding sectors, adapting an integrated transnational approach. In addition all tools developed within the AGRO-START project will be available at the conference. 


The SEE Support Service Protocol is one of the core deliverables of the AGRO-START project that will guide the business support entities in their efforts to provide support services to SMEs in the animal breeding and horticulture sectors, in order to improve their competitiveness. Furthermore, an INternational Database of services suppliers and providers was created within the project, along with e-learning courses, Good Practise guide and Auto-diagnostic tool, Web constructor and SEE virtual fair.


The AGRO-START project “Transnational network for SME support in the animal breeding and horticultural sector” is part of the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme and has a duration of two years (01/12/2012 - 31/12/2014). The project is being implemented by 12 organizations: National Federation of Labour Union for Agriculture, Food, Tobacco and Related Areas and Services AGROSTAR, Romania; The Regional Development  Agency of  the South - East Development Region, Romania; Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH)/Institute for Research and Technology-Thessaly (IRETETH), Greece; Business Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises – Ruse, Bulgaria; Bulgaria Economic Forum; Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia; Regional Federation of Farmers Puglia; Italy, E.R.F.C. (European Regional Framework Co-operation), Greece; University of Molise, Italy; Molise Region , Italy; Federation of farmers in RM, FYROM; Center for Business & Parliamentary Dialog“,  Albania. Project partners represent 7 SEE countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania and Slovenia.



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