AGRO-START :: Workshop 1 Bucharest, 13-15.05.2013

How to best diagnose and assess innovative or efficient production process in the animal breeding and horticulture sectors


 May, Bucharest


Bulgaria Economic Forum took  part on 13-14 May 2013 in Bucharest, in the first thematic workshop „How to best diagnose and assess innovative or efficient production process in the animal breeding and horticulture sectors”. Theworkshop which is part of the project “Transnational network for SME support in the animal breeding and horticultural sector - AGRO-START” was organized by National Federation of Labour Union for Agriculture, Food, Tobacco and Related Areas and Services – AGROSTAR, Romania, who is the Lead Partner of the project. Bulgaria Economic Forum is a partner in the project.


The workshop was attended by 19 participants from the partners’ organizations and was moderated by an external expert who facilitated the discussions and debates among participants. After the opening speech held by the project manager, the workshop started with presentations made by two experts from Greece, Dr Thomas Bartzanas, researcher from CERTH/IRETETH on the topic “Agrofood Clusters & Regional Development“ and by Eleni Malissiova, member of the ERFC Scientific Committee, on the topic “Agri-food innovation in Greece”.


Each partner presented two good practices identified in their countries related to effective approaches for diagnostic and assessment services on innovative and/or efficient production and operational processes.


Thus, during the workshop, the participants jointly analysed the best practices presented in order to identify success factors and obstacles that could inhibit the transfer of this approach to the participating organisations, they exchanged information and knowledge and at end, they selected 6 good practices examples being considered the best of those presented. These best practices examples selected are:


-         Ismea-Business Plan Online, by University of Molise

-         PCG - Pigs Carcase Grading – Q&D, by ERFC-GREECE

-         IPM - Diagnostic and assessment service for SME regarding the implementation of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the horti  culture sector, by Bulgarian Economic Forum

-         FOODGRADE - “Implementation of Unilever’s Sustainable Agricultural Code for industrial tomato producers, by CERTH-GREECE

-         Integrated management of orchards: innovation beyond tradition (Apples of Trentino), by University of Molise

-         GEOGIKI ANAPTIXI S.A. - “Diagnostic and assessment services to Animal Husbandry Cooperatives and Fruits’ and Vegetables’ Agricultural Cooperatives/Groups of Producers” , by CERTH-GREECE


The selected examples will be included in the Guide of good practices that will be developed later in the project. SEE Support Service Protocol will be developed based on these approaches. It will guide business support entities on how to best provide support services to SMEs in the animal breeding and horticulture sector in order to improve their competitiveness.


The second workshop will take place on 22 – 24 July 2013 in Campobasso, Italy, on the thematic “Effective approaches in financial support tools for SMEs in the old, new Member states and candidate countries and how to provide support for SMEs to inform about their availability and access them”. It will be organized by Molise Region - partner in the project






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