BSCCIest, Establishment of a Bulgarian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry :: Activities

  1. Start-up planning and organisation activities
  2. Preparation of the establishment of a Bulgarian – Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - As we envisage to establish the seat of the Bulgarian – Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sofia and a branch in Pirot, we need legal advice regarding the necessary conditions and requirements that have to be satisfied – both documentary and functionally for the establishment of the Bulgarian-Serbian Chamber according to the regulations of both countries. 
  3. Selection of appropriate co-founders - During the implementation of this activity we intend to select appropriate co-founders on both sides of the border. In order to ensure large representativeness we plan to attract at least 6 co-founders from the Bulgarian-Serbian cross-border territory, apart from project partners, following the principle for balanced participation of Bulgarian and Serbian organisations. The project partners will also be co-founders.
  4. Search for potential members - The search for potential members will  continue during th entire project implementation. The project partners will organise and conduct the search which will encompass companies from all 12 cross-border districts as well as from the rest of the territories of both countries in order to generate the best economic effect for the target cross-border region. We will use the following tools: on the spot meetings, communication by phone, Internet, information events. We will use on the spot visits to attract members from the cross-border region - performed by all PPs. For attracting members from the other territories of both countries we will organise 4 seminars in such territories (2 in Bulgaria - in Plovdiv and Rousse and 2 in Serbia - Belgrade and Kragujevac ).
  5. Conduction of marketing research in the cross-border region and necessities survey - As the purpose of the project is to stimulate the economic development of the Bulgarian- Serbian cross-border region, we need to perform a market research showing the market structure in the region and the types of companies acting therein. Moreover, we will conduct a necessities survey aimed to identify the specific needs of the companies acting therein. The survey will be performed among at least 100 companies ( 50 per country). 
  6. Establishment of the Bulgarian – Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Within this activity the Chamber will be established with its seat in Sofia and a branch in Pirot. The Statute of the Chamber describing the organisational structure, the objectives set, the rights and liabilities of the members, the services provided, etc. will be prepared and signed by all co-founders. Within this activity the managing organs of the Chamber will be determined among the co-founders. 
  7. Start of the institutional building of the chamber - In order to guarantee the efficient and effective functioning of the newly established Chamber we plan to rent two offices – one for the seat in Sofia and one for the branch in Pirot. For the same purpose we will hire initial permanent staff – one person in Pirot and one in Sofia. This is necessary in order for the Chamber to be recognisable as a separate structure from the project partners. Furthermore, we will create an Internet site of the Chamber. It will be developed in English, Bulgarian and Serbian languages. 
  8. Presentation of the Chamber - After the establishment of the Chamber BEF will organise a forum in Sofia for the presentation of Chamber and its activities among business representatives and the general public of both countries. In order to raise the awareness of the activities of the Chamber, its services and benefits for the members we will present the Chamber wih an information stand in one national exhibition in Bulgaria and one in Serbia. BEF will organise the presentation in Bulgaria while Zajechar Chamber will organise the presentation in Serbia. For that purpose we will print and disseminate brochures with main information on the Chamber and detailed catalogues including information from the market researches and the necessities surveys performed within the project of the Chamber, information for and about the members.
  9. Networking between the attracted members of the Chamber - Within this activity we plan to organise a meeting between the attracted members and the co-founders of the Chamber in order to start and stimulate the networking between them. BEF will organise the meeting in Sofia for its central location. The partners will organise the participation of representatives from their respective regions.
  10. Preparation of a development strategy of the Chamber - In order to ensure the viability and sustainability of the Chamber after the end of the project, the project partners plan to subcontract to an external expert/company to prepare a development strategy of the Chamber.
  11. Information activities for promotion of the project - The project will start with two press conferences (one in Sofia and one in Nis) for local, regional and national media representatives in order to inform the general public in both countries of the project. At the beginning of the project we envisage to conduct workshops in every Bulgarian/Serbian cross-border disrtict in order to disseminate information on the project among the local businesses. Therein we will disseminate leaflets with information on the project. At the end of the project we will organise a closing conference in Nis which will serve for the promotion of the project outcomes.  We will publish 24 articles, promoting the project (12 in Bulgarian newspapers and 12 in Serbian) and will ensure TV coverage of forum, seminars, closing conference, etc.
  12. Project management and reporting - The project management team will be responsible for the correct project implementation in line with the requirement of the Project Implementation manual and the regulations of PRAG .