Thanks to the good organization and the efforts of the project team and to the interest and the support of the target groups the target values of the indicators for the results - services delivered were achieved and even exceeded.

  • 12 policy makers and 50 persons from the staff of the regional administration participated in the five study visits in Norway and thus the target values of the indicators were achieved.
  • The key training in the project on investment attraction and institutional support for investors was met with great interest by the target groups and the target value of the indicator was exceeded (281 participants compared to the target value of 240).
  • The number of the participants in the IT solutions in the provision of administrative services and e-government trainings also exceeded the target value of the indicator (104 compared to 100).
  • In the training for preparation of information materials and guides for investors the target value of 40 participants was achieved.
  • The Internet gateway with the required functionality was produced and local administration was trained to acquire and update the information in order to present the current economic situation and business development at the municipality.
  • For each district of the region three types of information brochures/investment guides were produced in 200 copies each, i.e. 600 copies per district. Thus, the target value of 3000 copies was achieved.
  • The final report is published in 1000 copies.
  • 348 people from the administration passed different types of trainings, so the target value (300) of the direct and immediate results was achieved and thus the raise of the competence and skills of the administration of the North West Planning Region for attraction of investments and IT usage was achieved.
  • The project created prerequisites for achievement of the long term effects of the project - the increase of the level of foreign investments and the improvement of the business climate of the North West Planning Region.
  • The InvestNorthWest project contributed to the strengthening of the bilateral relations between Norway and Bulgaria in the economic field and to the cooperation between the administrations of the two countries. The administration of the North West region established lots of useful contacts.
  • Additional positive result of the project was the built up constructive relations and cooperation between the local authorities of the region and strengthening their willingness to work together for the benefit of the region