DATOURWAY :: Activities

Project activities and time schedule
The project planning started in spring 2008; and it’s being implemented between 9 March 2009 and 28 February 2012.
Working packages
WP1 – Transnational Project Management and Coordination
WP Objective:
Main objectives are to ensure project coordination and implementation according to plans. The process management provides constant monitoring, control of the activities and keeps contacts.
The overall project management is being carried out by the Lead Partner. The Steering Committee – with participants from each country and the WP leaders – controls work quality and advises the project team. The project secretariat reports to the JTS; sends financial requests and distributes the finances. The project coordinator is responsible for the professional management and the presentation of final results; the WP leaders and national coordinators provide support to her.
WP responsible partner: VÁTI Hungarian Nonprofit Limited Liability Company for Regional Development and Town Planning, Hungary
WP2 – Communication and Dissemination
WP Objective:
Aim is to promote capitalisation of project results by means of multiple internal and external information flows. Target groups of the communications are representatives of local agencies, authorities and professional and social organisations. Communications are coordinated by the communication expert in Slovakia and implemented in cooperation with the work packages’ leaders and communication experts of the partner organisations.
2.1 Communication strategy planning
2.2 Internal communication
2.3 External communication
WP responsible partner: RRA Samorin – Regional Development Agency Samorin, Slovakia
WP3 – Territorial survey and evaluation (Analysis)
WP Objective:
Aim is to establish a public database on the internet – the Danubian Tourist Database. For this, national experts will provide a survey according to a common methodology and then a common synthesis will be developed.
The common SWOT analysis and the structure of objectives will later serve as basis for the common strategy.
3.1 Common methodology planning
3.2 National analyses
3.3 Transnational analysis
WP responsible partner: VÁTI Hungarian Nonprofit Limited Liability Company for Regional Development and Town Planning
WP4 – Strategy
WP Objective:
Elaboration of a common development strategy with special regard to tourism. The work includes both the identification of the main conflict areas of the different types of tourism and the main tourism supply destinations. The common methodology for the pilot projects will also be prepared.
4.1 Setting the indicators,
4.2.Setting the project area,
4.3.Data collection,
4.4.SWOT Analysis,
4.5.Position of each indicator,
4.6. Strategy elaboration
4.7. For the main special fields,
4.8.Setting objectives,
4.9.Connection of the objectives and the programmes (priorities and measures).
4.10.Strategy dissemination
WP responsible partner: SASD, Hungary
WP5 – Pilot projects
WP Objective:
Elaboration of 5 different pilot projects: 4 cross-border projects (territorial) and a horizontal project.
5.1 PiP 1: “Dunakanyar” (SK-HU) – cross-border partnership via tourism after Schenghen
5.2 PiP 2: “Béda-Karapancsa” (HU-SER-CRO) – Economic opportunity (via tourism) in ecological milieu
5.3 PiP 3: “Calafat-Vidin” (BG-RO) – City tourism and rural neighbourhood
5.4 PiP4: “Deltas” (ITA-RO) – Eco-friendly tourism development of river deltas
5.5 PiP5: “Greenways along the Danube” (all partners) – Green corridor for non-motorized users
WP responsible partner: NIRDT – National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism, Romania
WP6 – Networking
- Formation of a network of experts, organizations and communities
- Elaboration of a guidebook for Big River projects on river management
- Network building conference for promotion of business partnerships of the Danube and other river basins communities and Big River conference for exchange of experience and disseminating the projects’ results
Opportunity will be created for the establishment of an International Association of Danubian Municipalities to frame the cooperation and the exchange of experience.
6.1 Promotion of business partnership in destination management and organization of a network building conference
6.2 Elaboration of a common guidebook for Big River projects
WP responsible partner: BEF – Bulgaria Economic Forum