ADC :: Activities

Time frame and main activities

 The Leading partner gathered the project partners in the beginning of 2008 and started the preparation of the proposal. The project was implemented between 1 June 2009 and 31 March 2012.


Work Packages:

 WP1 – Transnational Project Management and Coordination

WP Objective:
WP1 aims to ensure the effective implementation of the project through specific roles, responsibilities and tasks of the Lead Partner and the Project Partners. The LP is in charge of the coordination and management of the project both from financial and technical point of you. LP shall ensure the achievement of project outputs and results and organize the whole management system. For strategic guidance of the project, a Steering Committee will be set up. It will be compound by 1 representative for each Project Partner and will represent the strategic head of the project. Results expected are: Work Plan respected, Reimbursement approved by the Managing Authority and Good Evaluation of Results.
1.1 Setting up a Steering Committee management
1.2. Financial and Administrative Management
1.3. Technical Management
1.4. Evaluation
WP responsible partner: LP - Region of Veneto, Italy


WP2 – Communication and Dissemination

WP Objective:
WP2 aims granting the best visibility of the project results and its impact on the target groups, as well as the smooth, swift and undisturbed exchange of information among the project partners by managing multiple internal and external information flows. There are two main target groups of the external communications – business (entrepreneurs and business support organization) and policy decision makers (public sector). In order to capitalize the project activities and achievement, 42 events are foreseen, designated either to partners or the wide public and organized at different territorial level. The events involve all stakeholders and maximize the impact of the project activities.
2.1 Communication plan and visibility of the project
2.2 Dissemination activities addressed to target group "Business".
2.3 Dissemination activities addressed to "Public Decision Makers";
WP responsible partner: Bulgaria Economic Forum


WP3 – Sectoral Studies & Governance Models
WP Objective:
WP3 represents the starting point of the whole project. For each country involved a SWOT Analysis for the strategic sectors is made with the support of the stakeholders and opinion leaders. Based on the results of the national SWOTs and their comparative analysis at transnational level, an ADC common SWOT will be delivered. On the records issued by Context and SWOT analyses an Economic Map of Strategic Sectors at transnational level will be designed. Four strategic sectors will be selected for transnational clustering under ADC operations.
3.1. Context analysis for each country
3.2. SWOT Analysis for each country and 1 ADC transnational common SWOT
3.3. Assessment of ADC Strategic Economic Sectors
WP responsible partner: Institute for Economic Forecasting – Romanian Academy

WP4 – Transnational Cluster Strategy
WP Objective:
The package aims in establishing a Transnational Cluster Strategy. Project Partners (PP) outline a qualified Cluster Manager profile for dealing with clusters development and select experts to set up 4 transnational Working Groups (WG), one by strategic sector dealing with vertical issues of SMEs’ competitive development. A transversal WG present case studies about cluster governance and PPs approve a concept for effective benchmarking. WGs outline their models for transnational governance of the productive chains in each sectors. Animation of SMEs within the local productive systems shaping the clustering potential via sectoral partnership events and transnational agreements take place.
4.1. Identification and awareness rising of local stakeholders. Outlining of a Cluster Manager Profile.
4.2. Organization of  transversal WG dedicated to the horizontal issue of cluster governance. Outlining of a concept for effective benchmarking of clusters governance.
4.3. Iimplementation of the benchmarks model for governance.
4.4. Animation of companies within the local productive systems. Sectoral Focus Groups and Sectoral Partnership Events.
WP responsible partner: ITD Hungary Zrt. Enterprise Europe Network


WP5 - Digital Business Ecosystem Model
WP Objective:
The WP aims at proposing the DBE System, an Open Source internet-based intelligent infrastructure providing a free common platform, where all companies (SMEs in particular) can cooperate and compete, as a model and a driver for Regional Economic Development. DBE model has been already successfully tested in the framework of 6th FP project during the past years. Based on the results of past project, ADC aims to carry out a survey on the IT assests of selected EU countries and a feasibility study focused on providing a toolkit for a possible application of DBE at a regional level. As a pilot activity,  the developing of a small scale demonstration of how SMEs can cooperate through a DBE platform at transnational level, particularly within clusters,  is forseen. The model will be tested and promoted through an awareness campaign addressed to decision makers.
5.1 Surveying the Regional ICT Equipment
5.2 Feasibility Study and Pilot Project.
5.3 Promotional Activities.
WP responsible partner: Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, Italy
International and EU Relations 


WP6 – Territorial Marketing of AD Transnational Clusters
WP Objective:
The objective is to outline Shared territorial marketing strategy, shaping the horizon for drafting business operational plans in each involved EU country. A single brand promoting AD cluster organization will be developed, as a trademark and business operational plans for each EU involved region/country will be prepared. Five local help desks will be establish playing a pivotal role for investors support and providing specific consultancy services for local SMEs interested in joining transnational clusters at local level. Data collection, delivering and maintaining of a catalogue of products/services for cluster companies development will be published on the virtual market place, managing a customised electronic alert for encouraging SMEs relationship.
6.1 Outlining Shared Territorial Marketing Strategy
6.2 Establishing Local Help Desks for Investors
6.3. Preparation of a catalogue of products/services for promotion of SMEs linkaging.
WP responsible partner: Maribor Development Agency