Bulgaria Economic Forum 2014

Bulgaria on the EU road to 2020

3 - 4 December 2014

Sofia Hotel Balkan

Balkan Trade Bridge

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Balkan Trade Bridge 2014 is the first of its kind event in Bulgaria which will be held on 4th December 2014 in Sofia. The event will be organized as part of the program of Bulgaria Economic Forum 2014.                                    

About the event
Individual pre-arranged business meetings between "Purchasing Managers" of big companies (Buyers) with potential suppliers, producers of products and services (Suppliers). This event will be organized according to the “reverse trade show” model.

In this format Buyers are “exhibitors” and we arrange individual meetings with them for each registerеd Supplier.

  • 32 Buyers (Owners, CEOs and Purchasing Managers)
  • 10 countries (Albania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Spain)
  • Over EUR 4.9 billion total turnover of the participating Buyers  
  • 8 main sectors of interest (the participating Buyers declared interest do buy goods and services from the following sectors):

-  Metal products, details and components

-  Construction and building materials

-  Chemical and Plastic products

-  Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

-  Consumer goods, including food and beverages

-  ICT, Electric, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering

-  Textile products

-  Services

Check the list with sectors and Buyers





Buyers’ benefits

Balkan Trade Bridge 2014 provides an opportunity for companies to meet a large number of potential suppliers of products or services that they need. They will be able to optimize their time and to improve their supply chain as well as to find new suppliers and products at competitive prices. For most of buyers the Organizer cover the travel and accommodation costs.

Suppliers' benefits

Balkan Trade Bridge 2014 offers to producers of products and services the opportunity to increase their sales by helping them create successful business contacts with potential Buyers of their products or services.



Download Suppliers' Registration Form /preferential prices up to 27.11.2014/

How to participate and make business? 

STEP 1: Check the List of BUYERS by sectors
STEP 2: Choose the Buyers companies you would like to meet at Balkan Trade Bridge 2014. Their CEOs or Purchasing Managers will be present there. Each meeting will last 20 minutes. 
STEP 3: Send us your request and we will send you back the Schedule of your business meetings.
STEP 4: Register using the Registration Form 
STEP 5: prepare yourself and come to the event on 04 December 2014. (We can help you with the accommodation at lower prices at the Sheraton or other hotels in Sofia) 
STEP 6: meet the chosen Buyers and make deals. 
STEP 7: be present at our Balkan Karaoke Party the evening of 04 December 2014 to meet more people and make more deals.